Because not every job requires a new roof despite other 'Professional' advice

whether it be changing a few damaged slate or tiles, replacing lead flashings, pointing damaged brick joints, chimneys hips & ridges alb roofing developmets has you covered for all your repair needs

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Some jobs don't always call for a complete re roof, spendings thousands on taking a roof off to install a new one isn't always necessary, many leaks come down to usually a small defect in the roof that has either happened over time, through damage or poor previous workmanship 

these things can range from a variety different aspects such as;

- Damaged, slipped tiles or slates 

- Poor mortar joints on ridges, hips and bonnets

- loose or split lead flashings

- unwelded joints on single ply overlaps

- holes in flat roofing systems

And many more other options that a professional can assess on site

through our home page find the quotation information box and fill in as much details as possible and we will arrange for someone to come out and take a look and assess whether a repair can be carried out to keep the property watertight 



If you require a quote for a repair on your roof due a leak or damp patch please fill in as many details as possible below and someone will get back to you to arrange a site inspection and estimate.


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